Hey, I’m Drew and this is the digital presence of my Micro-press. It’s radical because I am. I am because Existence didn’t provide me with any other option. While, I hope not to alienate people with conventional leanings and sensibilities, my work is rooted in and explores: Anarchism, Feminism, Existentialism, Ableism, and LGBTQ issues.

You can read my work by clicking the links or going to the store for the print zines and things. The website and printed works are exclusive to their respective medium’s. That being so, I encourage you to read both if at all possible. I will do everything in my power to keep things priced modestly and consistently update the site.

I can be contacted as follows:



Pensive Proletariot Press

C/O Andrew M. Timmerman

8536 Kern Canyon Rd., Spc. 164

Bakersfield, Ca 93306