03/14/2016 (Pi Day)

Issue #6 of Spaceships & Schizophrenia will be available soon and ship with the Novella. It will consist of a lengthy story called “Astronaut Television” which is rooted in our culture of Binge-Watching as well as the tenuous prospect of Private Space Travel. There will also be a lengthy piece on the realities, misconceptions, and hardships of living with ADHD. Literally everything you think you know about the disorder is fallacious and some of it is discriminatory. For the time being this issue and my Novella will only be available together.
My Feminist Novella, “Intangible Wall of Impossible Faces” will be available for $9.00 on March 28st or three weeks from today. It’s nearly complete and I’m really satisfied. The Feminism is compelling, and logically sound. The Heroine is a composite of you remarkable women but thrown into a bleak, surreal setting. The plot, structure, and prose are inventive and vivid yet follow and pay homage to the rich tradition of Feminist Science Fiction. There are also elements of Horror which serve as a reflection of the absurd problems we face today.
My novel, “Lovers are Bound by Madness” will be available for $16.00, 2 months from today on May 7th. It will put Nicholas Sparks out of work while also standing on it’s own as a poignant, dense Speculative Fiction Novel and plausible trajectory for the world we live in. It illustrates that one person can effect major change in the world, our culture of greed and frivolity being destructive, and that human beings are drifting away from one another in 60,000 words. I will be printing 200 copies initially and they will be hand-numbered, signed, and nicely designed on premium paper.
For Intangible Walls and Issue #6,I will use what remains of my massive reserves of accumulated paper and ink and money and dedicate an insane amount of time to print, assemble, and bind. That being so, they will be in very limited numbers at least initially.
My second Chapbook of Poetry (It Will Break Your Heart. but Then it Won’t) will be 6 bucks and released at an undetermined point in this timeframe because I have to wait and see how certain things play out and Poetry requires a frame of mind that I can’t simply turn on, basically my heart and mind have to realign in perfect balance.
In order to Print my novel, I will be misappropriating the whole of my remaining Financial Aid. With this, I’m really, really hoping to raise funds with which I can print future works and be less overwhelmed by financial stress.
If you are especially excited and want to ensure that you get a copy upon initial release, hit me up and either preorder in the store or make a reliable commitment to pay when I release them. Preorders are encouraged but not mandatory. Also they will get everything first and receive surprise goodies(zines and swag).
If you have any questions, please let me know. Also, check out the new and up to date store for material you don’t yet have and might want.
Lastly, this timeframe is quite generous, most likely these things will come out before the noted dates. These dates are assuming extensive delays, problems, and very limited time to work.


This is new. There are also 2 new issues of my primary zine, “Spaceships & Schizophrenia” which features Radical Science Fiction and Mental Health Awareness pieces. You should get them while they’ve still got that new paper smell. Also, there is new free content within each of the links atop this page.

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